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Operating a Huaweii B882 4G LTE Smart Hub that has the SMS envelope flashing for the past two weeks.

Just Moved In

Messages randomly disappear after you open to read and close them (meaning they no longer show in the inbox). When I delete messages the ones that have previously disappeared begin to show until you open to read again.  When I attempt to go from page to page using the numbers or arrows in the inbox the randomnous returns.  Through all of this the message envelope never stops blinking.

I have reset to default numerous times using the reset button and through the portal, rebooted on daily basis, removed power for a day, and tried to discuss with a representative in support but the SMS will not operate correctly....ANY SUGGESTIONS?



Hi, if you don't use the Message option. You can call TELUS and ask them to disable the messaging feature. If you do then you might need to report this matter to a technician. However, this seems like something that would require a software update to get fixed.