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One UI 6.1 for the Galaxy S21 Series

Hello, I wonder when the Telus Galaxy S21 Series will receive One UI 6.1......a little bit back, a Samsung Korea Moderator said that they will get 6.1 in early May, same time as the S22 Series, I would like some further information and confirmation

It is possible even though the s21 series is almost end of life. You will want to check the Samsung Members forum app for the latest news and information on your device. You can get the app from the Galaxy Store.

The S21 Series will receive Android 15 One UI 7.0, and One UI 7.1 as well. The security updates end in 2026

Security updates are important but so are those OS updates. Android 15 is already in beta and will launch on Pixel devices long before Samsung gets around to it. With Android 15 being the last major update for the device. That is about a year away depending on how quick Samsung gets around to the s21 series for Android 15.

Be glad that the S21 made it to the 4 OS and 5 Year Security policy

Definitely! 4 major OS upgrades is better than 3.

Oldest S Series eligible for Android 15 and still be supported for 2 more years for security updates


Yes, the S21 was supposed to get that update days ago (May 3rd). ๐Ÿคจ

This is according to both TELUS' often inaccurate/unreliable update schedule  ๐Ÿง ;


As well as for other Canadian Carriers;


You'll notice the only company worse at providing update schedule info is Bell. ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿปโ€:male_sign:


It's terrible that carriers can get in the way of software updates, especially security updates, let alone OS updates. As much as I dislike a lot of Apple practices, everyone can get access to software update within the same time frame without carriers getting in the way.


I wish I could tell you if the update was pushed by Telus via OTA on time already, but we no longer have S21s in our stable of phones, but we have a few others waiting that are still stuck on Jan & Feb security patches thanks to TELUS' delays, despite a critical March update.


I would say expect something in the next couple of days, but considering that two of our supposed early April OTA updates never arrived ๐Ÿคฌ , I wouldn't gold my breath if I were you.


Can't imagine how painful it will be to rely on the carriers permission to uodate once we get tO the 6th & 7th year of promised updates on the S24 or Pixel , if TELuS was this lazy with 2-3 year old phones, it'll be ridiculous then! ๐Ÿ™„

Back when it was the 2023 model phase for One UI 6.1, the Canadian Carriers had it scheduled for March 28th but it got delayed until April 2nd, 5 days later. May 8th will be 5 days later, so I hope it releases for the S21 Series on that day. Canada hasn't been good at keeping dates, but of course there's a disclaimer that it's subject to change

The Galaxy S21 Series in Korea already received One UI 6.1 on May 2nd, with a 2nd April Patch. The USA is a lot better with updates than Canada, yet they don't use an OS Upgrade Schedule

Not only that, the US has access to the Samsung Beta program, Canadians do not, unles they are a large enough corporate client. That's even more annoying meaning we're even more handcuffed to the carrier, and delayed.


We're still better off than many regions of the world, but trail most of our G20 bretheren.


Heck we usually rate TOP 5 for hardware launches from Apple, Google and Samsung, with even the EU (except Germany) often trailing us, but for OTA software, it's the carriers doc-blocking us from having up to date secure devices.


@BoaGuy , any update to the OTA schedule? Why are the Samsung updates delayed again?

Apparently the S21 FE, A53, A54 will receive One UI 6.1 on May 14th according to Telus, wonder if they'll stick with it for them

Only take noTe, that those dates were also provided in the May 3rd update to the OTA schedule provided by @BoaGuy , so at this point it would be flip-a-coin as to wether or not any date was actually met or not.


I'd love to bypass them and manual load updates to devices from the Sammobile ROMs , but  that's almost a problematic as a delay. However, if we keep missing major security updates, then random ROM download is better than vulnerable devices in traveler's hands. (Airports are among the worst).

The thing that's so ridiculous is that that May 3rd update about OTA scheduled update was supposed to come out.... ON MAY 3rd.. was WRONG !!  ๐Ÿคฆโ€:male_sign:


Considering they were already too late to give any of us MDM managers a heads'-up, you think they could've waited 'tll days end to fact check their own list. ๐Ÿคช๐Ÿคฃ

They were also bad with the S23 Series One UI 6.1 update date, but at least they got it 5 days later on April 2nd. Tomorrow determines if it will do the same for the S21 Series, if not, well who knows when they'll start telling the truth.

Hello, there is an update scheduled for today, May 3rd for the Telus Galaxy S21 Series, which will bring One UI 6.1 but it is yet to release OTA. Will it release later today or week of May 6th?

The company started rolling the update out today so it shouldn't be too much longer. Can't give a definitive time but it should be soon.

For Telus? Yesterday's rollout began in Korea. So, it still comes today for Telus?

Can't give a definitive time but it should be soon.

Anytime today?