Note 5 Marshmallow update


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May not be available on all servers yet, but I'm downloading the update now as well (Hamilton, Ontario).


Telus is just full of surprises.

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Just installed Marshmallow on my Note 5.

I've only had a few minutes with it but have already found 1 issue with the main quick settings (not the notification drop down quick settings).

I can't enable 9, only 8.

I can choose a 9th and the count will show 9/9 but only 8 will be enabled.

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Thanks for flagging, @Grinder911. We've flagged the issue with our Product Development team for investigation. Stay tuned!


Awesome, I just got it too. Very smooth upgrade.


Can someone please tell me why the data connection icon on the Note 5 (pretty much all Touchwiz devices) is hidden from the quick settings menu?  I so hoped it would be fixed by the Marshmallow update - the initial screenshots from the first Korean updates showed a data toggle icon in the quick settings, so I'm quite disappointed by this.  It has been this way on Telus Samsung devices since my kid's S4 was upgraded to Jellybean 4.3 or Kitkat.  Initially on JB 4.2 it was available.  My Note 5 and daughter's S6 have never had it on the quick settings menu and it so cumbersome to go to settings to toggle it, while all the other connectivity settings are available from the quick settings.  I tried the new S7 GoodLock app that replaces the systemui and it has an AOSP-like quick settings with the data connection icon available, so I know it's just a system ui thing and not a system security measure.  Does Telus mandate that it be unavailable from quick settings?  If so, why?  And is there a way to get it back?  Can you please escalate this as a bug too since it truly hinders the user experience?




@nakedgeezer that is not a bug, that is a UX decision made my samsung canada. It is the same across all carriers here. I would suggest reaching out to them to petition them for a change. 

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I have updated my Note 5 to MM successfully 

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Still nothing on my Note 5, what is taking so long?  I have the SM-N920i.  Could that be why?

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The SM-N920i is the correct one that was released for Canada. There are three other models. 2 are USA specific: N920T (T-Mobile); N920A (AT&T), and one for India: N920G


Updates are usually released in batches. If some other Telus users have it already, it shouldn't be long before you receive it, if you bought it from Telus.

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Any news on the update?
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