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My contract had been up since November 2015. I have been with telus for 9 years, and I want a iPhone 6s 64 GB. I would like to think you can offer me an awesome loyalty deal. What can you do for me?
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Unfortunately the forums are not the place for this request. You'll need to speak with Telus customer service / loyalty over the phone.


Be prepared to expect you will end up with a new, more expensive contract though unless you buy the phone in full up front. Thank the new CRTC rules and the weak Canadian $ for that. A iPhone 6S 64GB retails from Apple at $1,029 CDN + Tax now. If you buy a phone in full, you may be able to keep your existing plan.


Also be sure to do your math. Calculate how much what ever deal they offer will cost you over the length of the term. Sometimes the special deals / limited time offer deals end up costing more over 2 years.


Note: Apple is expected to announce new phones on March 21st. Consider trying after that as there *may* be changes in cost to the 6s.

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