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I want to create an account, but my email is attached to my old device on an account I went delinquent with, if I associate my new prepaid device with it what will happen? Is my best play to make a new E-mail?

Helpful Neighbour

Hello CAMERA,  In response to your question, you don't have to create a new e-mail address when creating a new account.  Give TELUS Client Care a call at *611 or from a landline at 1-866-558-2273 with your old account number, if you don't know what your account # is then TELUS will ask for your name, home address or phone number.  TELUS then may be able to retrieve the information on the old account, transfer everything including your e-mail address over to your new prepaid device and then delete the old information. Best of Luck.    


Explain what you mean by "delinquent." The word in account usage means you owe Telus money on the account. If that's the case, best to pay your bill than try to run around it.