Motorola Moto G Manual


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There does not seem to be a listing for the Moto G phone on the Mobility website. Yet I just got one last week and they have been around for over 6 months. What is going on? I wanted to find info for my phone. Is this an oversite?

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Well the phone should have had a manual with it but if it didn't, do the most blatantly obvious thing. Go to Motorola's website and look for it. Took all of 60 seconds to find it.


Motorola's support site has the manual at:

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I had pretty much figured out how to do a web search for information I want 2 decades ago.

My point is that Telus has failed to document this particular product to the same level as their other products.

Hopefully they look at htis forum occasionally.


Hello PaulMcG,


I'm JS a contributor here as well.  I found the solution to your issue.  Motorola Moto G Manual.


1)  Go to the website

2)  Click on the heading "cellphones & smartphones"

3)  From the list of manufacturers on the right, click on Motorola

4)  Click on the Motorola Moto G phone picture

5)  Scroll down and there are two links that say "user guide" and "user guide (kit kat)"

6)  Kit Kat is the operating system the phone uses. Both guides may be helpful.

7)  If you have the Adobe PDF reader installed on your computer then you are able to print off a copy of the full complete manual.


I own the LG G2 smartphone and that is where I found the user guide as my phone only came with a quick start guide.