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Mobile Data Turned Off - Data still used


I have a new LG K4 phone. I have turned off Mobile data. I am a pay-as-you-go customer. When I check my Usage Summary - I see the following (different times each day - but always an hour apart):


11:33:22 PM 0 Kilobyte (Data Volume) $0.00 PDA

10:33:22 PM 2 Kilobyte (Data Volume) $0.01 PDA

6:30:53 AM 0 Kilobyte (Data Volume) $0.00 PDA

5:30:53 AM 0 Kilobyte (Data Volume) $0.00 PDA

4:30:53 AM 0 Kilobyte (Data Volume) $0.00 PDA


Does anyone have any ideas as to what is using this tiny little bit of data? I leave my phone turned on at night, but I don't use it. I have all apps set to update manually. I have the OS set to update manually.







Community Power User
Community Power User

1) It seems many phones, or apps on the phones leak some amount of data. I see situations on my phone where the same pattern as you describe on our phone for hours after use to gather some piece of information - it is like an app keeps checking in for some information or other. I have one instance where 9 KB were used early in the day, and every hour thereafter for about 6 hours is a $0.00 data point. 


2) On many phones, the wi-fi radio is turned off when the phone is unused for some period. If an App does not respect the no data toggle you have set, it may 'ping' a server, but go no further, and some data is used.


All I can suggest is to keep an eye on this, and see if greater amounts are billed in the future, then call to ask for an adjustment, as I have seen no real solution to these minuscule data consumption points.


Hopefully others will jump in with their experiences!


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Thank you!! I have had a couple of chat sessions with Telus support, which have been very helpful. They've offered to put a data lock on the account which I might end up doing. 


I didn't realize that I could check the apps using data!! Even with data turned off, my phone is running Messaging, Google Play Services, Setup Wizard, and Android OS. Tiny little amounts of data.

After a little more internet research, I changed my Preferred Network Mode from GSM/WCDMA/LTE auto to GSM/WCDMA auto.
So far, no more data charges.


I send text messages on a daily basis, and once in awhile I make a phone call. I'm a very light user so it doesn't matter to me what network I use.


In your data settings, is there a list of apps that are using your data? And do you have a background data on//off button? If so, turn it off. My data settings (GS7) lists all apps that have accessed data, and when my background data is off, nothing is used.