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Just get notified from <> that I spent $1 in extra data?


Hey! TELUSTERS-read this "SMS" from <> Received the 1st @ 3:00PM- On Sep/29/2014: From (400) 222-2222. Free TELUS Msge: You've spent more than $1 on CDN data. Goto..<> Later 3more/msges, with same text arrive to my "SGs4" CorrectMe if I'm wrong. Suppose TELUS will notify you, when [Phone-data-reach 75% & 95%] but this mo.


Telus failed to do so, now notifiedMe, when I got 1019 MBs - from My 1GB=1024 MBs of Data. So I removed the battery from the "SGs4" at 1019 MBs-to avoid Overage charges. But 2hrs after I turned my Phone again & the data was over. What do they mean by "You've spent $1 CDN on data". when is $5:00 for every 100Mbs?


The issue is not If I'm able to pay or not Overages-charges, but TELUS should be a bit more tolerant. I'm just 24 hrs. away to close the 30-days bill cycle, why they want to screwed Me with $5:00 for 100Mbs-more. No fair at ALL. Hope the "CRTC" stop these practices, soon on behalf of all Canadians-users. <ReadMe-soon> <v9


@nasty-Thks for quick input, but I'm not using a "Nexus" I've a "SGs4" but Phone brand, isn't an issue here: I've Setup my "Cell" to Stop the "Data-Usage" at 1024=1GB, but Like they said, Phone data, can be different from the Mobile provider meter. So Nothing can't we do to stop it. But it won't be too long,.Hehee!~ <ReadYou around> "nasty


@v9-12 yrs.Telus mobile user & Ex-BC Tel cable installer.
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The future is unknown?


Edit Galaxy S4



Telus tips for controlling Android data usage





One of them call in moments to see if the system got screwy. Maybe get a credit.




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Community Power User

Telus sends text messages at approximately 75% and 95%, and usually at $10, $50 and $200 overages, however it is an inexact process:

- some SMS do not get delivered. This may have happened to the 75% message for you.

- data volumes are not reported instantly. The website indicates: "all usage information is an approximation; please refer to your invoice for final charges. Usage is displayed at every 3 hour interval or when 1MB of data has been reached, whichever comes first." There may also be delays of some minutes between when data is consumed, and the information gets through the system and reported to you in an SMS.

Ninety-five percent of 1 GB is about 920MB, and at this point you are within 100MB of your limit. A 3G device can download over 100MB per minute; an LTE device even more. If you were streaming video, or using maps or other high data uses, it could be quite easy to move from less than 920MB to 1000MB faster than the text message could be sent.


As @nasty indicates, there are options to have your phone monitor your data usage, and reduce your dependence on sometimes fickle notifications from your carrier. You could be happy you didn't have a 900MB overage such as I recently experienced. 

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