Ios7 issues? Bet you aren't getting the lte !


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We're you sold a phone based on coverage and speed? Did you sign a three year contract only to find your new iPhone can't find an lte signal to save its life? This is not a hardware issue (I'm on my second iPhone 5) this is a network issue. This is a lying issue. Join me in a class action suit to recover money wasted on a plan that never should have happened.
TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi, have you taken a look at TELUS coverage map ? ( Keep in mind that one of TELUS priority is to offer LTE to most parts of his network.

On ET's answer there are 2 questions that I thought of because even I am using iPhone 5S and my mother is using the iPhone 5C but we don't get LTE.
"Why do we need an LTE capable device if the area we're at doesn't cater LTE?" and "Why do we need LTE service if our phones are not capable of LTE?".

So basically the quality of service is not just about the phone only or the service only but both.