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I just decided to make the switch back to Android - i'm waiting for my new phone to arrive. 


IFTTT (If This Then That) is an app I can't live without on iOS. Has anyone used the Android version that was recently released? I'm just looking for a real-world comparison over it's iOS counterpart. 


Love any feedback my neighbours can provide. 

iPhone power user


I have checked it out, and I don't like it. It feels foreign or alien to me if that makes sense.


Which phone did you go with?


I have been tempted a few times to switch permanently back to Android.


The biggest issue I have or rut I seem to be stuck in is the investment I have made over time. I have spent a hefty sum on music, videos, apps, etc that won't be recovered.


I'm still holding out for the bigger screen 🙂

I decided on the HTC M8. Aside from the bad camera, I think it's the best Android phone on the market.


What feels foreigh about the app? Have you used the iOS app? It's amazing! 

iPhone power user

The only thing I use it for is CL on IOS.


Didn't use it much on Android.  I suppose the issue was I just wasn't used to the Android OS interface.


Didn't try it but sounds like a cool application, I'll try it if I choose to buy the S5.

It's definitely an amazing application on the iPhone @wally_west 


When I get my android device, I will write a follow up post.


What phone are you using now?

iPhone power user