I would to Unlock my Iphone 4s


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Just Moved In

Hi my name is Hassan Hamadi, and i just recenlty moved to the US. I bought my Iphone 4s out there in Canada. So now i would like to use it here in the US, but its locked and its needs to be Unlocked in order for me use it in the United States. How do i get it unlocked? I went to a couple of phone Carrirers and they told me that i have to contact Telus to unlock it in order for me to use it in the US


You need to be on a current Telus contract and with a duration of at least the past 90 days or more to be able to unlock your phone.


Otherwise, your options are any walk in shops that offer that service (and guarantee it to work after an iOS upgrade) or try your luck with an online vendor.


Those last two choices are not options for myself, but they may be agreeable to you (I would rather throw the phone away than throw good money after bad).