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I get a "update error" when trying to set the SMS service center, how to fix it?

Just Moved In

As the title says. I  checked through the website, and I can't find anywhere how to solve this, I can not send anymore text messages, and I did not check calling but I doubt so. The field is empty, but if I tap refresh a small diamond shape appears with a question mark in it; I am using an LG shine plus, if that changes anything



Did you try to manually add a new APN?  Even if one shows, recreate it with all of the required information.


The key for sms is the mmsc which should be set to . Watch when you type it in as autocorrect can sometimes add a space between alias and redirect which will cause it not to work.


Proxy will be and the port is 80.  Both will need to be entered twice for proper functionality.