I added on a US combo pass to my phone but only receive my texts when wifi is available. Help


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I added on a US combo pass to my phone and can only receive texts if have wifi available
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Are you using a texting/messenger service? Text messages don't use wifi.
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If you have an iPhone there's a pretty good chance that the reason is because you're trying to send iMessages rather than traditional text messages. It's something you can turn off in your settings under 'Messages', however people who are trying to send you texts may still be trying to send iMessages by default so you may not receive them until you're connected to wifi.


Hi there, Kaj is correct, your regular text messages should be using the mobile network but Imessages or any other messages from an application will require a data connection (mobile data or wi-fi) in order to work properly. The roaming pass may be on your account but it,s possible that you don't have all the roaming codes, which would explain why your regular text are not working. Call *611 from your phone to confirm if you have all the codings for roaming.

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So to save roaming charges, Kathy3 will save money by not using iMessage and use SMS instead?


How much data is consumed daily for iMessage to scan for incoming messages?  SMS would not consume activity if no SMS message are sent.


I think Kathy needs to think about which US combo pass she subscribe to and how many iMessage vs SMS messages she expects during her trip.


I think the largest US combo pass has only 300mb. I can consume that very quickly by using the browser to plan my day's itinery and looking up restaurant recommendations.


I hate public wifi.... many are slow with hotel guests doing downloads and they are unsecured to data eavesdropping.  Hope Kathy has a VPN.