How much does it cost to fix a samsung galaxy s3 screen? I've been with this phone for 9m


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I've had this phone since jan 2013 and a couple months ago the screen got a few cracks in it when I had to take my phone case off to get water out of it (otterbox defender) and I want to get the screen fixed. Does anyone know how much it will cost to do so?

I'm not mobility, so someone else may know better than I would.


I have a friend at work who broke his s3 screen. Samsung told him approx 300 for them to repair.


He fixed his with a kit he bought online via ebay for 20 bucks and a heat gun. Although the DIY fix worked, it wasn't perfect and he described a slight haze on the display afterward. So although inexpensive, it's not guaranteed to be a high quality repair.


Did you get the insurance( Device protection Plan) with your handset?  If you did, you can get the device replaced for a 1 time charge of 150.00 through handset insurance.  You would have had to purchase handset insurance when purchasing the device.