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EPP Price Match - don't count on it

Just Moved In

Bought a new phone and plan through EPP at a Telus store. Representative explained that if the price of the phone went down (through Telus) during a specified period, I could be eligible for a price match. Four days later, the monthly cost of the phone dropped by $5. I took a screen capture of the offer, which was identical to my original plan/phone, (except the phone was discounted a further $5/month). 


- Spent an hour on hold waiting for customer service to request an adjustment, decided to hang up

- Dropped by the retail store, they suggested filling out a price match form (they're not empowered to do anything)

- Filled the price match form out online and got a poorly worded text message an hour or so later declining the match request. It said: "You were not meeting the eligibility criteria". That's not even proper English!

- Spent another hour on hold and spoke to an agent. Sent agent the screenshot from the system, after some time was told that the offer "didn't exist" in their system so couldn't make any adjustments (I guess I'm making up the screenshot?!)

- I asked about the escalations team and the agent told me he could transfer me, but the waiting time was 1+ hour.


I've been a Telus family (Koodo, Public Mobile, Telus) customer since the Clearnet days. I've never experienced such poor service. Customer reps are not empowered to help and every disincentive to call the call centre is built into the process. How did it get this bad?


Effectively the response back to my request is that I'm imagining the lower price and there's nothing that they can do. I'm a reasonable person expecting Telus to honour their policies (ironically wouldn't have known about it had the rep not mentioned it when I bought the new phone and plan!). 


I really used to like you Telus..  but you've let me down big time. Have already marked the calendar for when I cancel my service after my contract is over. 



I bought an iPhone & Apple watch online in July/Aug respectively. When prices dropped on both items I called Telus in hopes they'd honour the discounted prices. They did w/o any fuss or muss as we were still within the 30-day price match guarantee timeline. Funny thing is the phone discount only happened after jokingly mentioning I missed out on the deal, rep said "let me look into that" and the rest was history.


Back-in-the-day I found policies differed greatly when dealing with a physical Telus store and online. In other words, the physical left a consumer with the short end of the stick so-to-speak like a far lesser return window (physical 7-days vs online 30-days), etc. Haven't dealt with a physical store since 2014 so unsure if this is still a thing yet does have me wondering if your failed price match attempts have anything to do with where you chose to purchase the phone.

Thanks for the reply. So the infuriating part is that the price match I'm asking for is a TELUS PRICE, dropped 4 days after I'd bought the phone.


I bought the phone in-store, with the deal that had been offered me online through the EPP site (and was clear either I could order online or go in-store). The same EPP site showed the lower price. While the agent acknowledged my screen grab was clearly from their website (I show the whole URL that points to the team that does the price match couldn't locate this as a valid price so declined the request. 


With an opportunity to do the right thing and credit me a measly $5 a month to honour the lower price (that THEY advertised and THEY called my attention to the price match program), now they've got great negative advertising from me as a client who will never deal with them again. Just can't trust them. It's only $5 but the principle of it all (and the effort involved to try and resolve it) is what irritates me. 


The phone rep acknowledged they have no leeway and I didn't feel like spending another hour+ waiting for the escalations team. The rep kept on saying "I can't guarantee we'll be able to do this".. despite evidence from their own website. 


If there's any Telus employees lurking here, would love a reach-out to discuss.. I think there's something broken in the process. I'm not asking for anything unreasonable outside of what the policy clearly states. If the policy is no longer in effect, remove it from the website so you can reduce volumes of calls to your call centers and avoid poor client experiences.

All neighbourhood members whether employed by TELUS or not, would not be able to resolve that issue for you here on the forums. Specially for EPP/Corporate accounts that are even more restrictive than consumer accounts. It would be best to try and escalate the issue with the EPP/Corporate team over the phone in this case. You could also try reaching out to the regular consumer support handle on Twitter, but they would also be deferring to the EPP/Corporate team. 


Guess I should have been a bit more clear. My request for a price match was related to Telus pricing as well. Combined (phone/watch), the savings equated to approx $700 ($30 monthly) over the two year term so fairly substantial. So why they are being so hard headed about your request who knows as it's a small price to pay to keep a customer happy, in the grand scheme of things.