Does Telus support One Plus devices

I'm sorry to hear that. I'll try to call Telus today and ask for the name of the rep that helped me (I'm sure they document this in the call logs?) if I do get the name, I'll get back to you, maybe you'll be able to contact him.
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That would be great!!

Also, I really appreciate the help. Thanks

Before I call Telus, I wanted to check with you, did you force Enable VOLTE by opening the dialer: *#800# --> oneplus Logkit --> Function Switch --> enable VoLTE + VoWifi switch

If you don't see VoLTE or Vo Wifi Switch, install this apk first on your OP 7 Pro (which I did 😞 

And then enable VoLTE + VoWifi switch

Let me know if that gives you the options of VoLTE in the SIM 1 or 2 Options and then you can ask Telus to register your device into IMS. 

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So I have the switches enabled but everytime I call Telus they say that they aren't sure what IMS is or that it just can't be registered. The tech support seems to be lost.

Ask them to speak to a support representative inside of Canada.  The outsourced agents are completely useless!  

For those that are still having issues, I've gotten multiple phones working through Telus VoLTE. For ones that weren't directly purchased through Telus/Koodo, I needed to contact Telus support and make sure to speak to a tech support engineer that had access to add phones to the VoLTE grey/whitelist. They are the only ones who can do so, and you need to be persistent with the level one tech with the fact that your like to get transferred to them. Easiest way is to just mention that you've gone through this process in the past and just need to speak to the engineer level.

They will ask you to do a combination of reset your carrier settings, and rebooting your phone a few times before it starts to work. For anyone that says to mess with APN settings or IMS registration, they probably aren't the level of support you want to waste your time with

Can anyone let me know any easy way of getting them to add voLTE on my account... just spend an hour talking to the business department technical support. 


They would not transfer me to level 2 techs and just transferred me to a manager who told me the same verbatim about not compatible (then i tell her I have all the bands so dont insult my intelligence)... then oh we don't guarantee lte services on if ur phone is outside of canada... 


agh this is frustrating ... 


I am going to be a little bit of a arse here towards Telus!  WiFi Calling for Telus works on these devices.  What I had to go through to get that to work, Telus clearly doesn't want to do for users and it is purely on the backend and nothing to do with the device itself.  Screenshot_20200214-223027.jpg


How did you do this exactly? It is somehow only provider supporting VoLTE and VoWifi for oneplus phones. Koodo uses the Telus network, but I don't know whether Volte and Vowifi works on its network as well. 


I would love to know how people got TELUS to enable VoLTE and WiFi calling on their OnePlus 6 or 8. I very poor 3G (HSPA/UMTS) reception at my house, but great LTE reception. Every time I try to make a call it drops, because it tries to switch to 3G!


On Wednesday I spent four hours on the phone (a significant portion of this on hold) trying to get an agent to enable VoLTE calling. They claim it's enabled in billing, but refuse to whitelist my ISM/IMEI (?). I requested an escalation, but I haven't heard anything yet. Because it's a "greymarket" device, they claim even if they whitelist it it will revert and stop working.


VoLTE and WiFi calling are enabled under the Enhanced Communication (SIM & Network) settings. I tried it on both a OnePlus 6 and 8.


Almost to the point of cancelling service, as it's useless to me and I don't want to fork out money for a carrier branded phone.


I had the same experience trying to enable WiFi calling and VoLTE on my 6T. Settings are enabled on my phone and my account but it's not working. I got the same story about my device being incompatible or not supported. I referenced this thread and they said they were aware that it's working for some people but that it was temporary and might stop working any time.


@Syaoran is your WiFi calling and VoLTE still working?