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Just Moved In
Jeff as he said his name was; (apparently its John or Jean) had me on the phone since I called telus at 1:42ish pm Friday.

I told him the details of my transition package completely.

I told him since I was off contract and free to go elsewhere that I think tells should give me a better deal.

The phone list contact somehow and he to my surprise, called me back soon after.

I was on the phone with Jeff for probably 45 min.

I tell him I think I should get the package as indicated but off contract.

Jeff seems to understand the English language well with his slight French accent.

Far better then the French woman telling me telus only had 12g and the guy before her who Didn't hear or understand that I was an mts off contract potential customer and wasted my 10 mins needing to be transferred to the illy trained telus French woman.

He put me on hold for at least 15 mins indicating he understood what I wanted.

He said he was making the notes and that someone had authorized this deal.

There was no mention of having to sign my objected 2 year contract or as Tyler put it renewal.

And if there was a problem to get the telus store person to call them and refer to the notes I requested to be put on my account.

I wait 2 hours at Selkirk telus Friday after work past 6 pm to find out rather loudly in front of many waiting customers since someone had quit there was only 2 telus workers on a Friday.

Tyler? Told me why would they give someone a 1000 ph for free off contract.

I said cause I'm a loyal mts customer and can go elsewhere or stay with mts.

Which I think I will do despite whatever telus has to say about it.

This is misleading crap customer service far worse than Mts

This 4l store has always been crappy.

Lies and used booster sold as new.

And same employee stealing cash bill payments.

So waiting and making others behind me wait telus got a hold of John or Jean I was told and denied the agreement which Tyler said even Jeff's boss? Denied it.

I was to rush in to telus in cause the free phone changed as well.

Seems I was totally mislead and lied to.

Tyler made notes on my file and requested Jeff to call me.

Tyler said Jeff will call me today or tomorrow.

No call

Tyler said it's not his fault if Jeff doesn't call.

So I tried sending this telus requested satisfaction text.

The text msg maxed out and guess what?!

It wouldn't send?! $#@&$$!!!!!!

Listen to this dam telus conversation that you say may be recorded and fire this guy.

Why would I phone telus wait on hold for 45 min to have the same deal mailed to me in the pretty little box with coasters, that I read to Jeff your telus representative whom lied to me?

What a bunch of B.S.

Please look into this as this is enough to default with telus.

Very difficult to make password for telus.

So I ph telus

Push my buttons


Call back during regular business hours

F##$# B.S. telus

You g@$ dam 2000 character comment box us garbage after I copied/pasted and typed it all it wouldn't send

So I try making a telus account.

The password was ridiculous. I'll never remember it.

And in the fkin end it says my emails already used???.

WTF telcrap????

Now trying to make topic word


I will post this on blogs, reviews as well as consumer affairs and BBB

What ever I can do to make telus care enough to do their jobs more befitting a company such as telus