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Did you know that-Verizon is already here.


Yeah! is a fact Verizon made his jump to the Telus forum-Yesterday at (X-Time EPT) how did get there it came from the "Ideas-Site" and it took the Top-Authors-Position..No way-At the moment would stick around in the Forum, until get its Visa approved,.Hehee!. Now the 3Giants it'll start to freak again. Just joking not yet-but might happens.


As we know Verizon backtrack from its plan to become the 4Giant in Canada. But the "BogeyCarrier" Could change its mind & make a 2nd attempt. But check this out..Verizon already had an impact on Canada wireless (Source: Oct-12-14)


Canadians have to admit the "New Data-Sharing plans" offered this summer is a clear response by Cdns Telecoms to the possible competition, from the US-Giant Verizon. What's the big fear "Sprint-US" was already here-isn't it?...In resume what do you think Would happen if Verizon get back: Does Phone plans will get lower or higher. Post your comment soon. Thks <v9>

@v9-12 yrs.Telus mobile user & Ex-BC Tel cable installer.
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The future is unknown?

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This is a very old topic. Not sure if it's a Telus issue though.


Verizon isn't coming to Canada. Their CEO clearly confirmed there is no interest in moving to Canada. The initial investment would be well into billions of dollars and there's no guarantee they would be able to get enough customers to be profitable in Canada. Remember Canada has 1/10th the population of the US.


Anyone who has been paying attention will know that the new, worse and higher priced, data plans were the carriers response to the Verizon rumors. Prices went up. Data cap came down.


Sprint Canada is dead. Has been for a long time since Rogers bought them out in 2005. That info is very easy to find.

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