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Device locked doesn't accept new SIM

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I bought a Samsung Galaxy S6 with Telus two years ago. I recently got a new, unlocked phone and want to give away the old Galaxy S6 to my mother, who lives abroad. But the Galaxy S6 is locked and won't accept any other SIM card (I've tested) and returns a "Invalid SIM Card" error, and a screen for me to type a Network Unlock Code, which I don't have.


I have been trying to call Telus for DAYS and not a single time they even answered the phone. I wanted to send the phone as a Christmas gift and Telus is causing my life to be way more complicated than it should. Please fix this ASAP


Community Power User
Community Power User

Reach out to them on their social media channels. Twitter Facebook.


Keep in mind CSR reps have been extremely busy all week. You can always visit any Telus store and get it unlocked.



I have been waiting for someone on the Customer Support chat for an hour and they didn't reply my tweets. I'm SO UPSET. 

Community Power User
Community Power User

Yeah, it’s not instant, especially when they are overwhelmed on all channels. Patience, they’ll get back to you as soon as they can.


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Did you ever get your issue resolved?  If not, post stating so and I will see if I can figure out the PM system herej, if there is one, to send you a number to call for a person in executive client relations that should be able to help you once they return from their holidays.