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MOST (maybe ALL) phones allow the user to determine which Apps have access to cellular data, so you, the user, get to determine which Apps get premium access, and which can wait until you have Wi-Fi access again. Even iMessage will send SMS to you if you have data turned off, and no other iOS devices running, so Apple, too, designed phones which can be set to reduce data consumption.


There is no conspiracy here, though any carrier is happy to sell you the data you wish to use.


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NFtoBC has to be some sort of bot from about a decade ago.  


Reading around on this today I was dismayed to see how little interaction people have with their devices; everybody wants an easy button for everything, like the Staples "That Was Easy" button. I have one on office desk and I push it often. Smiley LOL Not even kidding.


I also installed two apps for adding the quick button, all are incompatible.  Then I went to my connections, and looking around I thought maybe it's good the "easy" data button is gone, because going into settings forces the user to interact with their data usage, they can't avoid seeing what they've used, whereas the easy button keeps them oblivious of usage. Forcing people to see won't stop everybody from overusing, but I think it may help people who want to stay within their budget.


And there's an XDA how-to article posted in this thread I forgot to mention earlier. Before you go into your phone to play with the code, go into your browser and play with the code. If you're too afraid to do that -- DO NOT touch the code in your phone.


I am a long time member over at XDA and am very familiar with rooting, modding, third party ROM's, hidden and factory menus, and so on.  I have been using Android devices since the days of my T-Mobile Sidekick 4G, which came with Eclair and got a Froyo OTA about 8 months after the device launched.  This is partially why I am very picky with the devices I choose to use daily.  I was a big fan of Nexus devices but I am not a fan of ht ePixel devices.  The function is still there but the looks of the device definitely are not.  Smiley Tongue  


Carriers locking out things from users is nothing new, especially in the US, where I spend a lot of time.  My girlfriend and her parents are on AT&T, which has to be one of, if not, the worst US carrier for deceptive and greedy practices.  It definitely sucks that carriers, especially Canadian carriers choose to implement these dishonest practices.  Sadly, regulatory bodies like the CRTC allow this to happen with some clever exchanges of money, which is also why we don't actually have true competition in our cellular, internet, and cable companies.  


Depending on the device, sometimes root can bypass the lockout of certain settings by using things like Root Explorer with root permissions to activate the apk where these settings are contained.  Third party ROM's can also remove these restrictions from devices where they are enabled.  Some devices do have engineering or factory menus that can also help with those settings.  Even though those dialer codes can usually be found on the internet, you can majorly mess up your device if you don't know what you are doing.  The amount of posts I have seen on various different phones where people have completely messed up their phone, rendering it saying, "No Service", even after a factory reset for messing with the LTE menus.  If it is really important for anyone to have specific settings available to them, then check these things when you first buy the phone without your SIM in it and then after you put your SIM in it.  Most carriers at least have the 7 day buyers remorse return policy as long as you haven't used 30 minutes of airtime and more than a few megabytes of data.