Cell Phone Repair


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I have just received a call from Telus concerning my cell phone (under warranty) which I had sent in for repair. I was told that the repair service stated that I had personally damaged my cell phone and that I woud have to pay a fee to have it repaired. I was truly surprised as the phone has never been dropped and well taken care of. The phone on the outside is in excellant condition. I was told by Telus IT that it was either defective software or the SIM card (which was later ruled out). 

What is my recourse? I definitely believe that I should not pay for damage that I did not do. Could the phone been damaged during shipping or could the repair service damaged it? 



Which phone?
What is the problem you sent it in for (symptoms)?
What does the repair center claim is damaged?

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Yes, things can definitely get damaged during shipping .. first-hand experience with this. What are they saying you damaged?

Hi nsSherry,

Sorry to hear that. The devices would not have been damaged from the time you left them at the store until the repair techs had them inspected. Best course of action would be to go to the product care center/store and ask what the nature of the damage is and if you have any doubts you can call Telus when you are at the store itself for alternative options.