Call forwarding charges on apple watch cellular when no phone present


Call forwarding charges on apple watch cellular when no phone present

Hello.  Wondering how this is billed.  If i have a share plan that does not include call forwarding, and I also have an apple watch cellular, will I be charged for call forwarding when I receive calls on the apple watch without a phone present.   

Technically the phone does forward the calls to the watch to place the call as the watch has a secondary phone number.  


i got billed for making a call with my cellular watch... 4min = $2

speaking with tech they found the forwarding from number assigned to watch to phones number was a bug and its resolved so got a credit

I’d suggest you call support and ask for billing correction. I had that issue back in February for a couple of months and they’ve fixed it.

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yep technical issue around the time i made that call they credited it so all good now


Just to continue ... I know its pretty rare to be out of the home without a phone, but in theory the watch cellular makes that viable.  By bolting the watch onto the phone, one would expect to be able to pick up calls to the phone on the watch without incurring extra charges - but I think with how its set up technically to be routed as a call forward, it would trigger a call forward charge each time, wouldn't it?

there is no charge for phone calls on your watch. I do it all the time