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Bought a sealed Note 5 from private seller

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He provides me the packing list and shipping package to prove that he got the phone from telus. Told me he paid it outright, But couldn't find the email receipt. 

Just wondering, what will happen if he report phone lost or stolen.


And it is very weird, the phone is working when I put Rogers Sim card, LTE is working . But is Not working with Wind Sim card. 

Thank you.


Community Power User
Community Power User

If it's reported stolen, you could be screwed if the IMEI is blacklisted. If it's sealed and only working with Rogers, it's possible that it's not an unlocked phone. If that's the case, Roger's will only unlock it if you currently have had an active account with them. Beware of third party places offering to unlock them. Most are scams. As for Wind, you'll have to talk to them as this isn't Wind. If it's locked, Wind won't be able to do anything.

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Some devices now I hear are sold unlocked, and then lock to the first sim they see...

Phones sold through a carrier like Telus, Rogers, Bell etc come locked to that carrier. Phones that you buy directly from manufacturer will be unlocked. Apple for example sells unlocked phones if you're buying them directly from them.