Blackberry Bold 9700 unlocked


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I am under someone elses plan, and I broke my old blackberry so I purchased an unlocked Blackberry Bold 9700 on ebay. I just got it today and I wondered if the 4G and 4G LTE sim cards listed on the telus website will work in this phone. It is a couple years old and the specs say 3G compatible. Will telus have a sim card for this phone and would I expect any greater costs for this? 


I'm hoping to switch over in the next couple weeks and I would like to know what I need before signing it up since it is under someone elses plan.


Much appreciated.




Hi Mmonkman, 

You can use a regular sim card with that device, and as long as it is unlocked and supports the Telus network frequencies it should run fine in 3G.  You may need to change your plan to a compatible data plan if you intend on using network data though.