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BlackBerry Classic

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My contract is up in September 2015.  I want to know if Telus will have the BlackBerry Classic?


CPU Alum
CPU Alum

I think they most certainly will carry the classic.  Latest word a formal release in mid-December.  You will have 9 months to drool until your contract expires.


@VanIsleGuy50 wrote:

My contract is up in September 2015.  I want to know if Telus will have the BlackBerry Classic?

Hi-VanlsleGuy50: If like you said your contract, will expire on Sep-2015: You'll have plenty time to make a good research and Upgrade to "BlackBerry Classic" also change plan if you aren't satisfy, with the airtime-data & other features included on it.


Regarding if Telus-will have the "BlackBerry Classic" on Sale or 2yrs contract,.it hasn't posted any info on the Web yet. But for sure, would be available on its Network. A search about the issue, displays this "BlackBerry Classic" Launch event Set for Dec-17-2014 (Contact Telus-before or after that date)


It'll happen simultaneously in NYC-Frankfurt & Singapore. Pre-orders price will be $499 USD ($499 CAD) on the (Shop Blackberry-website) Click this link for more info: ..Any comment posted it. Bye <v9  

@v9-12 yrs.Telus mobile user & Ex-BC Tel cable installer.
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The future is unknown?


Hi there,


Check for the latest info on the BlackBerry Classic!




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I'd just like to point out that the Classic has the exact same specs Q10. The only difference is the legacy buttons.


If your contract expires next year, you may want to hold off and see what Blackberry has in store for next year (or buy a cheap unlocked Q10 :P) 

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Actually there's quite a difference with the Classic and Q10....

Physical differences aside, the only internal difference is the processor.


The screen is indeed larger, but has the exact same resolution as the Q10 (720x720), so images are likely appear less share on the Classic as the pixel density is lower.


Classic Specs -


Q10 Specs -


It's too bad that they didn't go for a significant boost in specs, similar to the Passport. I would have seriously considered purchasing one. 

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