Are others having trouble with battery life after downloading new Iphone operating system?


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Any explanation?  Worse if battery is older?  Any advice?  

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Have the same problem but my iPad have lots of apps so I deleted some and I always close the open apps in the background. Try reducing the screen motion as well because sometimes the background image/wallpaper effects cause more battery usage. If those doesn't resolve the problem try downloading the latest 7.0.2 through wifi to have the bug fixed. If the problem persist, try to contact Client Care at 1-866-558-2273 or dialing *611 for further assistance.


7 main battery down factors in iOS7 fixes.

1. Reduce the Motion and Parallax Effect :
Open Settings
-Tap on General
-Tap on Accessibility
-Tap on Reduce Motion

2. Don’t Use the Dynamic Wallpapers:
-Open Settings
-Tap on Wallpaper and Brightness
-Tap on Choose Wallpaper
-Tap on Stills
-Now choose any picture that is not dynamic, i.e. a still picture, to set as your wallpaper

3.a. Disable Background Refresh:

-Open Settings
-Open General
-Tap Background App Refresh
-Tap to disable
-To Turn off automatic downloading:

3.b. Open Settings
-Open App Store
-Tap Automatic Downloads
-Tap on Updates and tap to disable

4.a. Change Location Services:

-Open Settings
-Open Privacy
-Open Location Services
-Go down the list and disable all services you don’t need it on

4.b. Frequent Locations:
-Open Settings
-Open Privacy
-Open Location Services
-Open System Services
-Open Frequent Locations and tap to turn it off

5. Choose Your Background Apps Carefully:

-Launch Multitasking by double tapping the Home Button
-Tap and hold the screen card for the app you want to close and swipe upwards
-If you want you can use 3 fingers and close down 3 apps in the same way.

6. Alter the Brightness of your Screen:

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to launch Control Center
Move the Slider for brightness to the desired position ( or set it to Auto from Wallpapers and Brightness under Settings )

7. Disable AirDrop:

-Swipe up to access the Control Center
-Tap on the AirDrop icon and tap to disable it

More Battery Low Fixes:

There are plenty of other things you can do to save your battery life; most of these settings can be changed via the Control Center:

Switch off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you are not using them
Switch off 4G LTE
Change your Auto-Lock setting to 1 Minute and make sure you lock your device when you are not using it
Turn off the click sounds of the keyboard
If you are listening to music or watching a video use headphones instead of the speakers
Change your mail settings to Fetch instead of Push
Try restarting your device, this will shut down everything and you can start afresh
If none of these works, try restoring or reinstalling iOS 7
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