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Apple iMessage deregistration tool, when going to Android


Finally making it easy for end users who have problems changing operating system platforms.

Frequently asked questions

It's not uncommon for iPhone users to make the switch to Android — in fact, Google recently published guidelines to make that changeover easier for users.

But one recurring complaint of Android adopters has been the iMessage issue. For years, people reported complications with receiving messages from other iPhone users after making the switch to Android (or Windows, for that matter).

At last, Apple has released a tool making it a lot easier to deregister your iOS device to help solve the problem.

Without the ability to turn off iMessage entirely, messages sent from iPhones to iPhone-turned-Android users often got lost because the number would still be registered under iMessage. The texts attempt to be delivered as iMessages, which Android phones cannot receive properly. 


Going from iPhone to Android


Going from Android to iPhone




This issue is the basis for a recent lawsuit against Apple.