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Hi All,

I have been a Telus user for quite awile and have been very happy with my cell service and plan. In July of 2012 I renewed to a 3 year plan and got a new phone, the LG-P935 with Android version 2.3.5. I love the phone and I am wondering is there a way to upgrade the existing OS software version to a newer one, say 4.0 ot higher? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Please email me any responses, and thanks for your time and consideration, cheers for now[URL=""].[/URL]

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Your post looks mostly copied from a very old discussion on the Neighborhood. If your question is legitimate, for a phone that old, Google will be where you want to search for the answer. The phone has been discontinued for over 6 years.

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I doubt you will find any upgrades to a latest Android OS for a phone that is 6+ years old. My experience with Android manufacturers is 2-3 years of upgrades at most.