Android Marshmallow Update


Android Marshmallow Update

What about the Moto X 2014? Motorola says the device for carrier TELUS will receive Android M.


See here:

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Will we see Android M updates for the S4, S5, S5A?

S5 is possible but no announced release for Canada yet.

S5A? The active ones are typically the last to get updates since they're not the flagship devices. 

S4, not likely. Too old, too slow.

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That's what they said about v5.x and my Galaxy Note v1 as well (Too Old, Too slow) but that was proved wrong by CynogenMOD and others. I currently have the stock v5.x on my Note 3 and have no doubt M will run just fine although I suspect that will need a leg up from CynogenMOD as well.


For work however, the S4 and S5 are no slouches and could easily handle M.


Can anyone confirm if they have been able to download the Marshmallow update today for the LG G3?

I got mine, but not OTA, I used the LG update tool.

please explain ?

Downloaded the update last night (LG G3) via OTA. Slower than a herd of turtles (ran overnight to download) but connection volume may have been an issue.   🙂


I have never had an issue with speeds getting an OTA update from Telus.  Maybe your WIFI sucks?


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Nope. WiFi is just fine. Other than the speed, it all went very successfully.

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Whats the deal with the Samsung S6 Edge update? First it was March 16th, then March 30th, now it's April 14th!! Why do you keep pushing back the update day! This is retarded, just pick a day and stick to it.


April 7th for the Note 5!?!


Come on! April 5th marks the 6 months anniversary of the release of Android M. Can't get the update in for the latest Samsung flagship in 6 months?

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Welcome to Samsung. They are well known for delaying updates, especially due to bugs. They had significant delays when Lollipop came out also. I'm still waiting for my S6 Edge update.


Only phones that get the updates right away are Nexus devices. It'll likely be a month or two before the emergency security patch Google just released to the Nexus devices, gets picked up by the various manufacturers to port over to their devices. So that's something else to look forward to.


Only 2% of Android devices have M. 2%. That's just sad. (Apple's at 77% for iOS9) Only 36% of devices are running Lollipop. There are still a whopping 34% running Kitkat. Google needs to defragment their ecosystem very badly and the device makers need to get on board.

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@Nighthawk Speaking as a former CPU Tier 2 Senior Advisor for Apple.  Just because Apple puts out their own OTA updates for their devices, and the numbers are high for current OS.  That doesn't mean anything.  New OS Update days were a day we all dreaded, absolute chaos and disaster. Comparing Apple's numbers to Samsung is literally Apple's and Oranges ( Samsung's ) 



Ridiculous is an understatement.  The update has been out since October.  I get the in house testing.  I understand, but the fact the S6 is Delayed is a complete piss off as a customer.  This is just one issue with Telus on a list of numerous issues, lies from customer support, and trouble tickets out the butt.

I am so fed up with your service, support and lack there off.

As much as I HATE Bell, I will be switching when my contract is up, I have given Telus enough of my money, time and chances



Is there any word on when the Note 4 is going to be updated to Marshmallow?


@RhoLee Thank you.

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@mamemame187 @AhmedElMawazini 
We are currently awaiting the software from the OEM for the LG G3. We are hoping to release it in early April. 

What happened to the LG G3, it just disappeared???

What happened to the LG G3 update for March 16th?

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What happened to the Moto X Play going from March 9th to the 21st?