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(3 In 1) - Questions allowed? (y/n)


*! Long live to Canada*! ^ ! Viva le Canada day! Hope everyone, get fan on this day, Hehee! Go to the point 'v9' what you've in mind. Well like I said in the -Subject 3 In 1q's - Some issues. 1) When I try to include a "Web link" in a post : In which post stage the 'link' is tested if opens or not.

From written/text or from the "Preview Post" don't open from 'Pre-view' but if you try (Right click+open) it works & once the post is sent, opens normal as expected-weird!


2) Whenever I login <>I'm able to read posts, but can't  type anytext. Problem with my device I can't sign in, invalid pass***d, But letMe logged In my PC . Should I reset password to correct the bug?


3) Weird issue. Anytime I call <Telus.mobility> What's your guess to complaint or give kudos to an agent..Hehee! Ok after heard all the options - I wanto talk to a rep. Suddenly light from cell-timed out, even with 5min/option.Touching the screen keeplight on works shortly. How to keep.light longer?..Thks!  "v9"


@v9-12 yrs.Telus mobile user & Ex-BC Tel cable installer.
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Community Power User

1) Standard behaviour in discussion fora. The link is parsed and converted to a clickable link once the topic is posted. If you want to be sure a link will get where you want it to go, openit in a window, and cut the link from the borwser and paste it in the post.


2) I can post from my phone and tablet without problem. Possibly you need confirm that your login and password are correct (no additional spaces, etc) on your handheld device. The password or login may be saved incorrectly on your device, so it tries to log you in automatically with incorrect credentials.  If so, yu will need to delete the information in your phone and correct it.  BTW I could not access the forum using the URL you provided.


3) Information on which device you are asking about would help. Usually touching the screen keepss it alive. As long as the phone is conected, you should be able to get the screen to light again by touching the screen.


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