When will Telus increase Telus Purefibre to 250 or 500 download & upload?


will it come???? fall time????? Canada's 150 brothers. #2017

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Worry about 150 Fibre to your household first. 99% of web servers don't even give you an 1/8 of the bandwidth using 150 MBps. All you really need is a 50MBps connection. Even with that connection most servers can't utilize the speed.

Next evolution will be gigabit Fibre and that will be many years away... Technology has to catch up!

Worry about 150 Fibre to your household first. 99% of web servers don't even give you an 1/8 of the bandwidth using 150 MBps. All you really need is a 50MBps connection. Even with that connection most servers can't utilize the speed.


Many can *cough Akamai CDN*


I once was at a hotel in San Francisco that had a gigabit WAN and was downloading ISO's at 115MB/s


> Next evolution will be gigabit Fibre and that will be many years away... Technology has to catch up!


It already has. You would be saying that back in 2010 though, when most servers and peering points were only 100mbps-1gbps, they have been upgraded since. I have a server in Seattle with a shared 10gbps port and can get around 3000mbps on speed tests.




When will Telus make Purefibre available to everyone? 

I'm in Abbotsford, and it's not available.... Now I just upgraded to the highest package today... 100.. BUT i'm paying the 150/150 price......


I can only hope it'll be 100 download and upload like the package price i'm paying for.. If not, that's ridiculous. I just moved to Canada, and it seems that there's only two megacorps running the internet business. 

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@JTL connect to any website and tell me what the server bandwidth is serving you.. Not streaming site like Netflix for Ultra HD, or Amazon HDR content. Everyday sites serve webpages with minimal bandwidth...

Gigabit Fibre for being mainstream for home connections is a few years away. (Sure it's available now. But an end user can't do much with it). The Fibre build out is going to take years and billions in investment.. Streaming 4k is only utilizing on average 25Mbps. As I stated before technology wise there isn't a need for anything faster. The next big thing isn't here to utilize the bandwidth.
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@Tabbykat you will have Internet 100 copper which will be 100Mbps Download, Approx 30Mbps upload. Telus started a massive Fibre rollout, but will take a long time to complete. It's a massive job to coordinate everything especially in major centres. They're slowly but surely reaching many cities and towns.

Many older areas are served with copper infrastructure but in time will have Fibre ran to them. I live in an area (2009 area) not served by Fibre yet and only can get Bonded (2x25Mbps) lines = 50Mbps. I pay for internet 50 but Internet 150 would be cheaper. But all I can do is wait another year or so, for them to roll out Fibre to my neighbourhood.

You may also visit https://fibre.telus.com/iwantfibre/
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kikithecafekief101 wrote:

will it come???? fall time????? Canada's 150 brothers. #2017

Purefibre is already here, where there is FTTH. Most of the areas where fibre has been installed has ports with 250. 


As @WestCoasterBC states, most web servers can't fill the current 50 - 100 Mbps pipe, let alone 500 or gigabit. Either the loading is sufficient to dilute the sharing, or the pipe they have is simply not large enough to deliver to their consumer base at those speeds.


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@WestCoasterBC Sure.


How about Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft?




Here is the file downloaded from my Telus 150 connection in Vancouver over Ethernet.



2017-07-25 11:59:10 (19.5 MB/s) - ‘/dev/null’ saved [4334315520/4334315520]


And here is a server with a shared 10 gbps port in Seattle


2017-07-25 19:00:02 (154 MB/s) - '/dev/null' saved [4334315520/4334315520]

(Granted, far from 10 gbps, but I think you'd be hard pressed to get the full 10 gbps from an internet connected source not in the same datacenter, and like I said it's a shared port, not dedicated. But It's enough to prove some of my point)


I remember when Google Fiber first came out in 2012 external sites really hard problems saturating it because the backbones couldn't keep up. Since then Google has built a private backbone network and people have gotten over 100 mbps from Kansas City to Asia (as an example). Similar situation in Romania where people were only getting 400-800 mbps on speed tests. And to saturate a gigabit connection you need proper NIC's as well (not Realtek)


Telus already has 250/250 and 1000/250 in some parts of rural BC and Alberta. It will come to Vancouver and the rest of us eventually. 


GPON (type of fibre network Telus uses right now) can only do 2.4 gbps down and 1.2 gbps upload so I think it's smart Telus isn't offering symmetrical gigabit right now. I think symmetrical gigabit would be more worthwhile for small business type customers than residential. Other forms of GPON with symmetrical 10gbps and 40gbps also exist.


Hope this helps.

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So nobody knows the answer I guess. Like many users I live having 150, but would love having gigabit even more.  I don't need it for web browsing, I do need it for downloading games, media, cloud backups and such. Believe it or not 150 is actually still a bottleneck in my household, and I am willing to pay the $50 more a month to eliminate that bottleneck.


I'm one of the lucky ones who could get the 1 GB down and 250 MB up FTTH service (Terrace).  I started out at 150/150 then went to 250/250 when it was available then went to 1000/250 when it arrived.  However I have just "downgraded" to 250/250 because the benefit of 1000/250 wasn't worth the extra $60 per month.  I work from home in an IT occupation with lots of downloads and uploads for meetings etc - as well as spend a fair bit of personal time on the internet - use Netflix, etc.  As others have pointed out everything depends upon the servers on the other end - and rarely if ever would I get downloads approaching 1GB speeds.  Sure with speedtest I got 950/250 but in real world usage I haven't seen any difference between 250/250 and 1000/250.


I think it would be better if later on Telus launched an 1000/1000 service and made sure peering could keep up as much as possible, considering most peering points to other networks are 1 to 10 gigabits.

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Don’t hold your breathe for it anytime soon in Canada.. I doubt you’d want to pay the monthly charge.

Hello from 2018: 

SME 1 Gbit Up-Down 90$ on business plans in Calgary  


Wow really? Can you post a screenshot of that? I can get 950/250 in my area but not 1000/1000. I'd jump on symmetrical gig as soon as it is available. 950/250 is pretty useless when 250/250 is half the price.


I'd actually be quite fine to pay ~$120/mo for 250 or $150 for a 500 bidirectional service...

I work from home, so my headend VPN can handle it... you guys leave that to me and my networking. Haha

I really don't care how fast www.ilikekittens.com loads.

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You can have upload/download speeds up to 500, but the server you are downloading files from may be a lot slower rendering your speed a lot slower.


LOL - I don't even have Telus Fibre, and I live in downtown Vancouver!  Enjoy what you have and stop complaining.

Thank you.