Vancouver Island BC (North Island) SLOW high speed DAILY for days, months, years! Sick of it.


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So. You can clearly tell from the headline and username I am extremely unhappy right now. Today is the day I've had enough of paying $40 p/m (billed every three months / 'pro rated') in exchange for a very very sub par service brought to you by (basically) the ONLY company that delivers internet ..Telus, and finally decided to register in this forum to speak my mind. This is bordering on criminal activity and I'm not going to stand for it any longer. Ha, yeah.. like I have a choice.


You call me at home like telemarketers do, at the worst possible time, as if its OK to call at inconvient times just because it's telus to promote the new top of the line high speed home internet upgrade. Wow! Sounds awesome. Tell me more telus rep while I'm eating dinner with my family. Yes loyal telus customer - the fastest service EVER, for only $40 p/m. Sure telus! I'll pay the extra upgrade fee for more blazing fast net speed. No brainer! I beg you, please sign me up miss polite telus sales rep. I also wish to assist in filling your daily quota because I need more internets! ..and I'm a nice guy. You go right ahead and charge my credit card and let's get this high speed internet upgrade offer party started! Great! All done. Thank you for being a loyal telus customer! No..thank you telus for calling me with this unbeatable offer.


Days, weeks, months, years later.. Still the same crappy up/down speed. I won't publish stats I've accumulated several times of day to back my post up. I'm not here to smear. I'm simply here to find some real answers. No changes to my computers, or other essential hardware. Two new modems! Brand new cabling directly from the pole  outside my house to my house. Brand new service box that sits outside my house. Brand new enclosure as well.


I swear if someone here tries to deduce my problem to hardware on my end I am going flip a lid. If you even think about trying to walk me through on how to reboot a modem, unplug a power cord for 10 seconds, turn a power button on, jiggle cables on my computer, check for signs of pets chewing on wires, adjust network settings please STOP reading this and find another rep that can actually see past this rant and provide a seriously good answer. Do not treat me like a fool. We are paying you for the service. We are the customers. Getting blurred out of existence in a sea of account numbers is just wrong. The problem is not on my end. Period! For the 1000th time. But thanks for asking Samir from India, or Taiwan, or wherever you're outsourced from. (outsourcing..tsk tsk)


Every single day Telus internet north island cuts out, slows to crawl, or just plain stops at the worst possible times. Every single day for months, years, same time 7-10,11 pm internet slows so bad I can't even load Let alone the telus support forum registration page. My highspeed should be able to handle one netflix movie, or even two at peak, and with the latest greatest offer I purchased I should be able to stream 5 netflix movies (yes abit much, i'm making a point here), and play an online game with my device, and more for $40 p/m. You'd think anyways... Nope. Time with the family is usually between the hours of 7-10pm, and we can't do anything online. Explain that to two daughters all caught up in social media, etc.


It boils down to this. Telus, a multi billion dollar company can't pipe internet to north island. What a freaking joke.


You should create a new payment plan for those you abuse with your misleading service. It goes something like this.


Dear Customer. It's that time of month to pay your internet bill! How did we do this month? Please chose the amount you would like to pay Telus in exchange for the level of service we provided you over the past 30 days. Here are your 'detailed' hour by hour, day by day statistics for this month. Please select the $40 (pro-rated) payment link (which totals well over $140+) if we reached our service goal. If we did not provide a service that we promised in our advertisements please select the $5 - $10 - $15 - $20 link (min $5 payment required) ..or pay nothing! eheh. Just kidding Telus! >.<


Get my point?


For the service Telus has provided over the past three years, every single month I would honestly choose the $15 option because that is exactly what I am getting in return. $15 worth of crappy internet. Yes, when the net is fast it's good. It's great! at 3am when everyone is sleeping. But it's not good enough, and it's no where even close to being a service that was sold to me by a telus telemarketer ..while I was eating dinner.


Open those pipes people! This is highway robbery as far as I'm concerned.




Yours Truly


Port Hardy BC Canada Resident/ Loyal (by lack of options) Telus user/sheeple.


* the bird in my avatar is hanging upside down. i did not choose it. awkward...

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I find something odd about your rant. Normally if you have a chronic issue and actually call in more than once, the support people usually will put you through to their solutions team (I think that's the name). They are usually trained better / more knowledgeable. If that fails they get their network guys on it.


Port Hardy being as small and remote as it is, may be why you are having issues. Based on your post, it sounds like the fiber to the town is congested during peak times. For them to run a new fiber / hardware to a remote town, I suspect it will cost millions. It's like with all the other remote communities. The money they get from the subscriber base (assuming the entire town is signed up) would take decades to pay for the upgrades. That's why the larger towns/cities get the big upgrades first.

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Hey there Nighthawk!


Thanks for the odd reply I expected nothing less. Why do I accuse your response of being odd? Let's go over this again. I've already stated that telus is prodviding a sub par service in a remote town, even more so at peak. Port Hardy. Why is it peaking between 7-10pm DAILY? Maybe because the entire town ALREADY is subscribed to Telus, because we have no other option but to use Telus. Peak time means human beings all using the same service at the same time. Which means you're already making enough money to provide the service that you advertised (in its simplest terms). Then you sell me the upgrade speed package. Ha. Funny. Telus seems pretty confident they can pump the speed by just saying it apparently. Obviously someone is not telling the truth here, and it's not me. I also already posted that we have new cabling from the pole outside directly to the house. Do you think I am the one that climbed the pole and did the upgrades myself, or maybe Samir from over-seas. No. It was the telus 'network guys', or whatever you call them that did the upgrade. Yes Nighthawk... experienced Telus service technicians climbed the pole, upgraded the service box, gave me two new modems and did all that solve the problem? ..because this has become a major problem! Does it sound like after all those upgrades the problem was solved? Why am I here again?


Do I need to have a conversation with Telus CEO to get a real answer here?


The real question is. Why would you stick your salesteam on these remote towns and upsell your existing sub par service with a new faster service when the reality is you can't pump normal highspeed with 90% uptime as promised as it is? It's coming across to me like you run a very smooth operation at making money from selling upgrades, but you cannot deliver the product. It's so easy to sell but when it's time to deliver... well, I guess its the customers fault when they complain.


Nothing personal but.. next Telus rep please.



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You assume I work for Telus. I don't. I just happen to be familiar with the industry and the technology.

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Sorry for the confusion.


Apparently I'm not the only one with the problem. I don't feel so alone now.

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There are always some people that aren't happy with any company for whatever reason. How they choose to get the company to fix the problem is what sets a few of the customers apart from the sheep.


Complaining about issues online does nothing to influence most companies to fix the problems. The people that make the decisions at the companies will never visit an online forum. Most of them are likely not fully aware of the scope of the problems in the first place.


If you want the problem fixed, you will need to actually get their attention. Large crowds from one town or area complaining publicly is a good place to start. Random people complaining from a list of towns will not be effective.

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Agreed! Our business community through their Chamber of Commerce, and the general citizenry through our Town Council are currently working with both Telus and the local cable supplier to increase bandwidth in our community.  This benefits everyone, and more easily gets the ear of the right people.


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McNeil here. I am in total agreement with you on this and understand your frustration.  I repair and build computers as a side line and have been receiving numerous calls from friends over the past few months regarding this issue. When my sons come home for holidays they complain how slow our service is here,,,this when the speeds are normal...the so called high speed for this area. Lately, however, it is truly pathetic. I will even go as far to say that dial-up on island internet was faster. There are no available ports for new customers and the waiting list is months long. I realize that they are now laying new cables up the island highway to improve service. Apparently Woss was their target by Christmas, unfortunately they haven't quite made it that far and have shut down now. In the interim I believe that they should be giving all internet customers on the north island a discount on their rates or at the very least a few months credit. Once the new lines are installed I look forward to increased speeds as well as the increase in rates. ;-) Man Tongue


Here is my speed test report from last night. Download 0,52 mb/s - Upload 0.50 mb/s ping 135ms

The time recorded is not PST it was around 8:00 pm

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you not alone. I know a guy who has seen some stuff about telus  (telus documents) on the north island. Aparently where on a microwave system up here as they don't have fiber optics up this far which is why they are doing the upgrades to north island. I've been on the phone numerous times with telus over it. between 4pm and 11pm the wrost time you get average speeds of less then 0.5mbit/s to even less then 0.1mbit/s when u pay for up to 3.5mbit/s even my moms connection of 15mbit/s suffers and she crawls too as well as her boyfriends business connection. Another thing he was told by a telus employee was that north island is known as service intruption zone for years now. they've maxed out the ports in port hardy where i am at and also don't have adaquate bandwidth to support all clients at the busiest time. 


Most telus people will deny this simply because they don't know due to the fact the documents are for higher up.


Again the fiber optic line doesn't even reach port mcneill or sayward and from what i'm told it's microwave dished up here probably from campbell river  much like the cable system here is done that way.


However when the new upgrades finish early-mid next year and the fiber optic line reachs to port mcneill it'll be way better.


hang in there man, it's coming. and I feel your pain. i'm a avid gamer and u need least 2mbit/s down and 1mbit/s up to not lag on First person shooter games.


Also port hardy city hall people are involved in this too i'm told.


Hello Fellow North Islanders.


I've been on Telus' case about this issue for 4 years now.

The issue originally began in 2010 when the business cart failed in Port Hardy, Telus shuffled all the modems onto the Residential Cart to keep the business' running.

While this happened, Rogers applied to the CRTC about providing services to Bella Bella/Waglisla, An area Telus had the contract to provide but did nothing for 2 years. When the CRTC approached Telus about Rogers wanting to buy the contract from Telus, Telus immediately opened up service for the north coastal areas by linking them with Port Hardy.

At this point there was Extreme packet loss and constant disconnection for EVERYBODY involved.

By the time Telus had fixed the business cart there was already 120% the allowable customer base on the system.

Telus continued to sell NEW services from 2010 through to early 2013, Further adding to the congestion.



Since the business cart failed, There has been "Peak Hour Congestion", which in Telus' system, is a "Service Outtage".

This Service Outtage has been on the books since early 2011, with NO resolution date.

Telus has increased the prices for internet services over the past 4 years with NO improvement to the infrastructure.

Telus was also granted an absurd amount of money from Network BC for upgrades to remote communities to maintain/improve internet services, Which Telus has pocketed without any work being done.

So, Why are we not only paying, but paying an increased rate for a SERVICE OUTTAGE.

In my opinions, North Vancouver Island customers should be Re-imbursed 100% the price of their internet services since the service outtage occurred, plus a 100% discount on future billing for internet services until a resolution has been made.


I have been in contact with our MLA Clair Trevena, Network BC, CCTS, CRTC, Telus, and Rogers about this issue.

I also have logs and speed reports about the service provided. I have all my emails about Telus' failures and communications with the forementioned contacts.


Clients, Contact the CCTS (Commisioner of Complaints for Telecommunication Services) and fill out the Report Forms.

These guys will argue and deal with Telus on your behalf, This is like the CRTC for the end user.

CRTC deals with Government of Canada and Service providers/military. CCTS deals with end users and providers.

I also believe that if your case is deemed valid, Telus is FINED daily per customer report until there is a resolution.

I believe the fine amounts to $5000 per day for Overselling a Network.


The North Island is served by a series of Microwave links from Sayward BC to Telegraph Cove BC.

These links are antiquated and extremely overloaded. There is Fiber Optics from Naniamo (where services leave the island) all the way to Sayward (population 410), where the Microwave links start.

There is Fiber from Telegraph Cove to Pt McNeill and Pt Hardy. This has always been in place.


This Microwave system carries all of our telecommunications, From ADSL, Telephone, Cellular, 911 calls, All of it goes through this Microwave link, And not just North Island, North Coast also. The only service lines that spans the length of the Island is BC hydro.


For those of you who have a smartphone, When the internet is bad, and you run a speed test on your computer, turn Wifi off on your smartphone so you use the cellular network, then run a speed test from your phone. My house is subscribed to a 6Mb/s package, I ALWAYS get 0.9Mb/s or under download 0.66 currently (just checked) and 0.75Mb/s upload with 115ms ping during peak hours. When I speed test from my Iphone during the SAME TIME, I get 15Mb/s Down and 4Mb/s Up with 45ms ping. Telus is profiling services towards Cellular customers and leaving the household consumers without. This is not to be confused with emergency communications, The telephone portion of your cell uses the lower frequency band (850mhz) while the internet is on the higher band (1900mhz). My opinion on this is the Cellular services are more expensive to the end user as per megabyte transferred vs the large packages offered by Telus toward residential clients, Forcing clients to use mobility services more consistantly and in turn bringing up Telus' bank accounts.


Here's another trick for you NVI Customers. Call Telus Customer Care and remind them about the advertisement on the main Telus Internet Services page, where the smallest advertised internet package has a MINIMUM ADVERTISED 3Mb/s download speed. Whenever you run a Speed Test, and it falls below that download speed, Call them and demand a discount in service, No Charge for Today. After you do this for a few days, Call up and demand to talk to Loyalty and Retention. Get them to look over your Tech Support history and when they are done explain the issue as I have written above.

I have had respectable progress made on this path, to the point I was being contacted by Telus' lawyers to negotiate a deal.


The FIber Optic line being run from Sayward to Telegraph Cove was delayed over the winter. I do not know why. The original arrival dates were Installed by April 2014 and Operating mid May 2014.

Well that didn't happen.

Now the dates are Installed LATE September 2014 and Operating Early November.

On the plus side there is talk from Telus Employees about Fiber to the Door being Implemented as soon as the main line is completed.

I was informed this would be capable of 60Mb/s and Telus Optic TV will use 15Mb/s per DVR Receiver. (If you have 2 Receivers you get 30Mb/s internet and 2 recording receivers).


Thats all I have for tonight, I hope I have helped some of you guys.


Overselling the network is illegal ? TELUS owns the network, they can do whatever they want.


Now that's its being said. Are you not getting the speed advertised or you actually wants higher speed ? There is a big distinction between the 2.  If you are not getting the speed advertised, you should contact TELUS support. The 2nd one requires an huge investment including laying new fiber, installing new ERA  amongs other things. For low population, its hard for TELUS to ever get their money back.


It has been mention many times, in order to provider higher speed, TELUS has been partnerring with community to amortized the initial cost of deployment.  Its a slow process but they are making progress.


Hi there, as Symtex mentioned above. For this type of concern, if you are not getting the speeds advertised. You'd want to reach out to TELUS Technical Support via chat ( or at 310-8324. They will want to help and ensure you are getting the speeds that are intended for your plan.

The issue in our area is complete network congestion and was brought upon directly by Telus' actions. Since my last post was full of details regarding the situation and Telus' inner workings of the network, I would assume that customer care had been contacted. My last count was 48 calls to customer care, Loyalty and Retention, and Data and networking. The problem is this, Telus Internet 15, Smallest package advertised on Telus' website for BC. $30/month, 3 to 15 Mbps download speed, 1Mbps upload speed. If I was to sign up for this, I would be paying $30 a month for internet I cannot use. I would like to use my Xbox One and relax after work, But when I try, I cannot use many of the Xbox features due to insufficient internet. I frequently get below minimum speeds and Always have below minimum speeds during hours of 5pm through midnight. I just ran a speed test. 0.77Mbps download speed, 0.72Mbps upload speed. This is not a bad wiring issue, this is not someone stealing wireless from my modem, this is not a proxy server, This is Telus knowingly selling more user connections than the system can support. Resulting in EXTREME congestion of the network. Telus also advertises the Download of a 3.0GB file in as little as 39 minutes, Sure, this may be at optimum speeds, but I cannot watch 240 resolution youtube videos. It takes me 23 minutes to watch a 7 minute 240 resolution youtube video. I cannot reliably skype. I cannot, Period, skype with video. The congestion here is completely Telus' doing, and makes for broken un-usable internet. Telus is within their legal right to oversell the network, it is common practice for small sections of a city or town to reduce the speeds and sell the service at a lower price based on the end users overall usage patterns, But the service should still function at its minimum levels. We just had a %10 price increase in our service without network upgrade or infrastructure upgrade and during peak hours I get lower than MINIMUM advertised speeds. That is false advertisement. That is robbery. Plain and simple.
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Ur right telus did over sell there network. New fiber line to mcneill has been delayed n delayed. It was set for november and now december and who knows how much equipment upgrades after that. The microwave dish can only transmit around 2.5gbps which isn't enough. The new line once connected to portmcneill line will offer 800gbps max speed. I know the congestion issues are horride and i do suffer on xbox too. And I defiently can't wait to upgrade to there 50mbit package when it comes. Hopefully telus gets there **bleep** in gear. Idk where abouts on the way to mcneill the line has been done but I've been told by people driving by that they are trenching there way to mcneill.
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Also note telus policy prevents them from letting us know progress on the installation of the fiber line but personally I think telus needs to be more in touch with customers with even estimates of dates of completion.

Can someone please tell me what are appropriate credits for poor internet service over the past year? Thanks!


We do not receive the speeds that we pay for here on the North Island.