The Weather Network - don't like their new format, they say to contact Telus to get it changed


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The Weather Network changed their format last week - instead of localized forecasts, they show forecasts for many cities around the province, with much less detail than before - no hour-by-hour forecast, no POP (probability of precipitation), no long range forecast... you get the idea.


I contacted their customer service people, whose response was "We are currently working with service providers for a better localization. We also encourage viewers to contact their provider and request this service."


I contacted Telus customer service, they said I should post this request on Ideas, and they also have an in-house access method to feed customer comments directly to CRTC (who apparently is the cause of this change).


So... I'm asking your help to contact Telus and request they push for this change. Thanks for your support.


I agree with 34woody...bring back localized weather.  Here in Penticton we get Kelowna's weather info. There must be a way Telus can resolve this.