Telus doesnt have some of my favorite shows 😢😢


So Season 3 of Animal Kingdom has just started and we are so disappointed to find that we cant watch it with Telus! Another favorite is starting next week...Claws...and we aren’t going to be able to watch that either! Seriously rethinking the switch to Telus. 

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Telus doesn't control the content aired by broadcasters. Animal Kingdom airs on the Bravo channel which is controlled by Bell. So far Bravo has no indication they are broadcasting season 3 of the show in Canada. Claws is also from the same US network and also airs on Bravo. It's very likely to be in the same boat as Animal Kingdom. 




Canadians hoping to catch the third season of Animal Kingdomwill have to wait a little bit longer. Bell Media which airs the series on Bravo has yet to confirm an airdate for the new season, which premiered tonight on TNT in the U.S.

Like most Bell owned companies, there is no direct way to contact them for Canadians to voice their concerns, so if you like social media, try their twitter and facebook. Don't forget to add "@tntdrama" to any tweets if you want to include the US network the shows are both from.

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We're in Canada, we get nothing good and we pay triple for it. Cat LOL