TCL TV Slimline 2 Remote Codes Needed


I recently purchased a TCL TV on the Black Friday sales.  While I can change channels and go into apps and demand sections, the remote won’t turn the tv on or off or alter the volume.  I’ve tried all the codes provided by TELUS even the “if these don’t work, try this code.”  Nothing works.  I’ve even tried some codes from the TCL site itself.  It’s rather annoying having to go back and forth between two remotes.  


It’s a S425-CA 4 Series TV.  


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Community Power User

@BCTeacher  You can try the codes here. If they fail submit your info to ruwido. If those fail look at item 10 here. To “scan” for a code, it’s a slow process but may find something.


While the remote generally controls most brands there are times the code may only control volume, power off and off vice versa. If those options fail you can look at purchasing a Logitech harmony that will future proof you.


TCL is only starting to become popular in Canada and North America. Generally IR codes rarely change with manufacturer, not sure about TCL and what ruwido has.