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Maybe someone can help me out here. With Pure Fibre we do not get any telus.net email accounts, is this right? So what will my account credentials be? Do I need to use any email address from one of my "free (or paid) email" providers? Sorry, I just don't get it. If the chosen provider shuts down, how about access to my account, how about getting payment reminders, how about ... you name it.


In My Account it says that I would have access to TELUS Web Mail. If I really have, how do I get that thing going. Unfortunately I was unable to find any clear information that I was able to understand. But that's probabely just me.


Any help is highly appreciated.




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I understood that Pure Fibre does not include email, but it may be possible to request it as an add-on to your account.


If you do not have Telus email, then the email you do choose to use, including one of your own domain, would become the login credentials for My Telus. You can find many options for standalone email, if you are unable to obtain it from Telus, and change your email as needed in My Telus, should you switch email addresses.

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