Pre-Sale Fiber (Speed, installation)


I've been thinking about hopping on to Telus. however unless I can get fiber at actual fiber speeds (giving it a purpose) there's no point so my first question is:


Can I get 950/250 in Edmonton? Anything failing to exceed 300 down makes fiber pointless as a service offering.


And if can;


What can I expect for an installation to an apartment?   Fiber is in my area, but not at my building as far as I know.  Will a crew need to dig a trench or do crazy stuff that requires land-lord concent, like access to a utility room or something? How much of a challenge is it to get an apartment connected to fiber from the perspective of a tenant?

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If Fibre isn’t available in your complex there isn’t much you can do. Telus would have to service the building (the building owners request) not one customer order. Whether or not your building is capable of upgrades, depends on how it was wired and if each unit has conduits to service each unit.

Chances are if an older building it will only ever be serviced by copper. Now if it’s a strata building things can get tricky.

Hypothetically speaking if Telus serviced the building with fibre, and each unit was to be serviced. If for instance a person below you had the access Telus needed to bring service up to your apartment. The owner of the suite below could deny Telus entry and you’d never get service.

300 down is hardly pointless. Most servers on the web, won’t even utilize that speed to the connected user. Even streaming 4K content.

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As a follow up: The tenant will have no ability to get the apartment building connected to fiber. Only the building owner can do that and they'd have to contact Telus directly. 


Which brings me to another pet peeve:  being charged monthly fee increases for technology upgrades (i.e. fibre optics everywhere except my building and similar apartment style condos or apartments)  which will NEVER be made available to me.

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There has been speed increases to existing copper service as well. While no where near fibre speeds it’s better then nothing at all.
Example internet 50 bumped to 75 for less money.

Like any development with technology evolving older areas had what was “new” at that time. Some building owners future proof their buildings some don’t for cost.
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 Some building owners future proof their buildings some don’t for cost.

And some refuse to allow upgrades, no matter. :-(

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