Managing your Email Accounts


On the old classic site you could manage the email accounts and associated aliases directly yourself from your account logon. I do not see where that is located in the new web site. Surely the company was not so incompetent that it removed that vital feature. Where is located now? If I have to call in for that then would be yet another reason to dump this service.


Not too impressed with the level of service right now.


All you can see is a list on new My Account unfortunately there is no way to manage via self serve so it is either call or chat.

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This has come up a number of times in the Neighbourhood. The function you seek is not available in self-serve. Pretty much all of the posters are unhappy with this, but no solution has yet been provided.


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Well that is pure garbage. This service is on the quick road to irrelevance. What complete moron would decide to take away customer choice and at the same time waste as crap load of expensive labour on having people call in for that and what forever. It's PATHETIC, STUPID, and ORGANIZATIONALLY INCOMPETENT to make a decision like that. My how this service has gone in the toilet.


that is an understatement !!


Absolute rubbish.

A good corporate citizen would simply own up to the removal of the self service, provide a reason and let us move on. Instead we are left hanging. Who hires these board managers and CEOs?

Does any corporation have the decency to just own the issue and provide the service they lead us on to believe we are getting or at least accurate messaging.



  Phone?  Chat?  They seriously want me to phone and get in line for a 1 hour wait to manage my own email accounts?  WTF?  And WTF was wrong with leaving it the old classic way.  Simple.  I could manage my own stuff, you know, like it was a service I paid for? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!