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Can I run Optik TV with Shaw Open 150 Internet? For some reason the Telus internet / wifi doesn't work well within our home so we have had to switch to Shaw Open 150. We much prefer Optik TV to Shaw TV and would like to keep running it.



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Optik TV requires a Telus internet connection. It uses Telus' internal network to send TV data.


I have heard Telus provides Internet 150. But when I do "check availability", only internet 15 is available for my address. Do you have any plan to increase the internet speed for Birch St. Richmond BC area?

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The fibre network is continuing to build out. It's currently not available to your area yet, please let Telus know you're interested here. The more people that request it, the more attention Telus will pay to an area. So get your friends, family, and community behind it. Keep in mind some neighborhoods/communities are a long ways away from fibre, but it's Telus's end goal.

You can also view another map of current/projected fibre roll outs here.