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Honestly I'm not complaining but I need someone to tell me whats going on. I'm getting 285mbps download and 280mbps upload and my speedtest says faster than 99% of Canada. Here is my speedtest:




I am paying for 250/250 but I didn't realize it was this fast. Is this accurate? I've used 3 different speedtest sites and have done it multiple times and it's always around the 280/280 range.


I don't know if it's also worth mentioning that I'm using a Cat 6a cable for my PC and 5G wifi for my laptop and my laptop gets pretty close to those speeds too. So I'm assuming it's accurate.




Take most of these tests with a grain, especially if the result across tests is always the same at different times on different days; numbers should vary, so many variables are in play, from what browser you use and how you're connected, to the moon cycle and what you had for dinner two weeks ago. Cat LOL It's always great tho to see you're getting at least what you're paying for.

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The speed test is reasonably accurate, likely within about 10% or so, and Fibre offers very consistent speeds.  At 250 Mbps, your service is faster than almost all consumer connections in Canada, and likely many corporate ones as well, so no surprise there. Also remember the hop between you and the test point may also be fairly short - how far from you to Vancouver? The test point I see when I do the test is less than 150 km away - a pretty short hop in Internet distance.




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The T3200M has its own speed test tool built-in. I'm not sure if it is as accurate as the website version.