Internet modem tied to address? No need to return to Telus


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Hey everyone, I was wondering if this is accurate. I was speaking to a Telus rep over the phone because i had to cancel my internet as I'm moving out of the country. I asked how do I return the internet modem (the new advanced modem for fibre) and they said I didnt need to as it is tied to the address and not the individual. I live in a condo unit downtown Calgary so maybe this is why? Please advise just in case she may be misinformed. Thank you all.

My understanding us that the ONT is tied to address but the modem is tied to the customer. 

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Community Power User

My understanding was the ONT (Optical Network Terminal) stays, because it is attached to the wall / cabinet, but the T3200M modem and other unmounted Telus equipment is to be returned.


See this support document.



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