Door to door reps lie?


When the guys came to my door to sell me the new fiber network they told me their pricing had changed and that it would be $20 less a month.  When I asked to clarify that ALL THAT CHANGED WAS THE PRICE, they assured me that everything stayed the same, just better pricing.  Imagine my surprise when my monthly data is half what it used to be.  That's not 'nothing changing, that's a big freakin change.

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You should contact the sales folks at Telus. A verbal contract is a contract.


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@supermuffin As @NFtoBC said, you should contact us so we can look into this. Feel free to send a private message our way at or send a DM our way @TELUSsupport through Twitter. 






They came to your door to sell you something and you have no paperwork to state what you bought? A rep saying nothing has changed has nothing to do with a contract; what you sign for has everything to do with it. Something for which a customer is paying should NEVER be verbal. Imagine having a verbal contract when buying a house or a car. Lol. Telus really should stop the door-knocking, it's so scammy.