Calgary Pure Fiber Nonresistant


I switched from Shaw internet in 2016 , and was of the belief that we would eventually get pure fiber to my house. But after trying to get upgrade from 50 mbps to 100 mbps I was told that they would have to double up the copper wire and we might not be able to have a land line telephone. When I inquired why we could not get pure fiber to our house I was told that it was a City of Calgary counsel restriction. 

I was in Kelowna and talus was directional boring right up to the garages and fiber optics box inside of the garages.

The tech told me that almost all of Alberta and BC had pure fiber, but that there is a dispute with Calgary's City Counsel. Is this true and what can be done about it. 

I find it hard to believe that we have a first class city with antiquated internet service.

Shaw is offering to double speeds of 300 and 600 , and most of Residential Calgary is still on Copper wire with max 75. 

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Every city and municipality that gets the Fibre expansion has to sign contracts and agreements with Telus that covers things like utility right-of-way, easement approach, city bylaw enforcement, potential road construction and various other things like 5G micro cell sites. Some councils and municipalities have been super accommodating and others have been very hesitant for one reason or the other. Calgary is unfortunately the latter. In my personal opinion I feel like Calgary has always leaned more towards Shaw since they have a large corporate presence there. Anyone in Calgary who wants to see the Fibre build fast tracked should talk to their local representative.

Thank you for your reply, but with Shaw offering doubling speeds from 150to 300 and 300 and 600 you would think that Telus would get more aggressive with the City and get it done.

Maybe an email petition campaign directed at City hall. I am sure that Telus have enough users that could defiantly catch there attention.  

As mentioned before we are supposed to be a world class city and should be embracing new technology like pure fiber, but what do you expect from city council and bureaucrats that can't figure out how to be able to use a transit smart cards.