4K PVR Ethernet connection

We had an electrician come and asked him that we wanted our TVs wall mounted and didn’t want to see the wires. He finished the electrical and so we hired someone else to mount the TV and that guy told us there was only power but no Ethernet cable plug? Should we have said something different to the electrician? I’m told we need an Ethernet connection for our PVR to work on all TVs? I’m thinking we need to call our electrician back to finish the job?
I didn’t want to pay 300.00 so that I can still see an Ethernet cable dangling?
What should i do?

Ideally you want both cat5 or cat6 and RG-6 coax lines running from the main electrical panel to every location you want a TV mounted. It can be difficult and even pricey for electricians to fish new wires to various locations in a finished home where drywall and insulation may already be up. Optik set top boxes work best via hard wired cat5/6 connections. If its too late to run the wires to the wall mount positions Telus can use wireless set top boxes so you still wouldn't see power, but the hard wire connection option is preferred by installers.