2 Bonded DSL via T3200M

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Love the service when it's up and running, but it felt slightly sluggish the past couple of days and sure enough, the 2nd line has come 'unbonded' from the first or refuses to connect.. I'm not sure which.


Is there some way I can nudge this to a solution without calling and a tech remoting in etc?


Last time it happened was within a few days of install and my tech remoted in after I texted him.  Is this going to be a thing that keeps happening?

Community Power User
Community Power User

The tech shouldn't have to remote in for this issue. It's between the modem and Telus, not your PC or other devices. Call Telus. If one line is losing sync and disconnecting, it will only be fixable by a tech locating the source of the issue, whether Telus' end or the modem.