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will this speed up? when will gigabit speed be ready? 2019?


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Home users don't need to worry about gigabit speeds for a while yet. Most servers on the web people connect to can't serve the data that fast and will be the bottleneck. Until there is a heavy push into 4K, much like channel selection is now for HD. The average user will not need gigabit just yet.

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@kikithecafekief101  You've asked this question many times already, and it's been explained to you each time that no user requires gigabit nor could they utilize them to the full potential without hardware upgrades in your house to all infrastructure including your PC. The vast majority of servers out there can't even saturate a 100mbit connection, let alone gigabit. You do not need gigabit unless you like burning money as you'll be paying for idle bandwidth that will never get used. I would highly recommend enrolling in some computer courses at BCIT or SFU so that you can gain a better understanding of everything involved.

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I have gigabit internet at work and 150/150 at home. I can guarantee you that 99.9% of websites are not ready to handle general consumers having gigabit speeds. There are only a handful of websites capable of maxing my home connection, let alone my work one. The only websites I have ever been able to pull full gigabit speeds on are Microsoft, Google, and Adobe, I have a feeling Steam would also be able to max it but I've never tried it. Also keep in mind this is with very large downloads, as anything under about 5GB usually finishes before it even gets up to that speed. The only other reason for gigabit speeds would be if you have lots of people sharing the connection, which is why it's seen more in business environments.

Unless all you do is download ISOs from Microsoft, or games from Steam, you have no use for that speed. Additionally, there are currently no consumer routers capable of handling gigabit routing. You'd need to build a pfSense box or buy a Cisco Catalyst or one of the CCRs from Microtik.

Telus's move to a symmetrical 150 plan was impressive, and I'm glad that they took the initiative to do so. However I don't see it getting much faster any time soon. With the amount of websites that only download at a fraction of that speed anyways, I have found that I saturate the upload speed much more often then the download speed.