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why is that all of my sports channels broadcast the blue jays?

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Okay, this is getting a bit silly am i forced to be a blue jays fan because i am Canadian? I'm sure there would be an uproar if every time the Edmonton Oilers played it was the only game broadcast. i don't expect to see every Dodgers game but i think it is a little ridiculous that the blue jays tend to be the only game on even though i pay for all of those extra sports channels.

Can this be fixed or is this some broadcast restriction laws that need to be changed?


Just Moved In
I think an idea would be that when your picking your packages, you select your favourite sports teams and you would get dedicated channels to those teams. For example I would like a Dodgers channel, a ravens channel, and an oilers channel. I would imagine a fee involved but the ability to catch most of the games it would be worth it.

You would need to get MLB extra innings to see all the other teams much like nhl centre ice. Post a new request here to suggest mlb extra innings for optik tv. Sportsnet plays the bluejays as they are both owned but Rogers. Also being the only Canadian team that's just they way it goes. Occasionally other games are on other channels but that is not guaranteed.

You are not exactly correct. There were 2 Dodger games last week on Sportsnet West and Pacific, being that they were the late game and the Jays were in the East and the early game. They show a good variety of games in the late slot. TSN shows baseball Sunday nights. Rogers owns the Jays and Sportsnet channels-get the picture?