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whats so Great about fibre optics?

so my Best best friend is upgrading to bluesky tv and internet 150 so he told me last night.....


really good specs and improvments from shaw.


so this post will tell my mom to upgrade!!


what a different from my dad optik tv to my moms


my dad has dual bonded copper internet 50 with 5 hd feeds


and my mom has single line copper of internet 25 with old boxes...... wit 3hd and one 1sd........... reallly congested wifi too, etc too my 8 port d-link full of visio 50 inch 4k, roku 4k streaming box, xbox one, canon laser printer, vonage voip box, telus set top box, sometimes hard wired gaming laptop, and properly soon by end of next month 20 grand custionsed on gaming rig and properly, xbox one x, maybe swannone serierity system/ and or arlo pro wireless cams, nikon d7200 for my own use, if its has wifi, , my two phones, iphone 7/ galaxy note 5 wit update coming tomorrow the 19th of june, tab s2, properly gettting new note 8 when it comes out in september. My sisters laptop/iphone 5s, my moms dell laptop, her phone, the other 40inch smart tv, mirciowave tho does not use wifi, homephones, 


my dad only has one device it my laptop.....



my mom needs to know to upgrade!!!please let her know!!



feel like **bleep** as today and as my friend is upgrading.



tho my dad has the most lastest ipv 6015 pvr and ipv 5050 set top box for 4k tv tho its not the lastest box for the 4k.


thanks, Sincerely, Kiki, aka Kiefer.



CPU Alum
CPU Alum

When I looked at the two services...

  • Both offers 150 download.... however the Shaw is unable to do 150 upload.  I 15Mpbs... shaw's upload is 10 times SLOWER.
  • Fibre has no copper..... less metal theft or service interruptions.
  • Love Optik's wireless cable boxes.  I refuse to let Shaw drill holes into every room I have a TV.  Then add more holes when I need to move a TV.



The big thing that's different is Shaw runs everything through cable. That shares the access with other some users near you, meaning although you have 150 at a busy of day you probably won't get 150, maybe more like 90-120. It varies greatly. Telus copper is a dedicated phone line running into the house so whatever speed you have is pretty much the same all the time.


If you can get Telus fibre to your house I'd definitely go that way. Their fibre gives 150/150 (download & upload) currently. Fibre is passing traffic through light which has pretty much no resistance, meaning in the future they will be able to offer much higher internet packages without the need to upgrade or change anything other than maybe the Gateway/Router. Some areas are able to get 250/250 too. Going to 500/500 shouldn't be too far off either. Fibre also has lower power consumption and better reliability (less upkeep), hence the big push for fibre home service. Here's the link to see if you can get it where you live, I keep hoping my area will come soon:


Shaw often can offer higher speeds than Telus (unless it's their fibre), but Telus can always offer that speed while with Shaw you may not always get it.

Hope this helps! 

Community Power User
Community Power User
Why not offer to buy and pay the upgrade for your mother? Strikes me she is satisfied with the current speed, but your needs/wants exceed that. The honourable thing to do is offer to buy the speed you want.
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