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was there an online way to sign up for unlimited data previously without talking to an agent?

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Last month, having seen my overage charges I went on line and signed up for the $15 unlimited data add-on.I am sure I did it online but am being told by support that it was never available ....I don't think I was dreaming, and the screens gave me some type of confirmation. Having now seen the current overage charges ($65) I called up and was told that that function has never been available. huh ? They were nice enough to cut the charge in half and implement the plan immediately but I swear I had done it last month.    Has anyone else signed up on line successfully without calling an agent?


Community Power User
Community Power User

A lot of the functionality has been removed from the Internet services webpage for the past few months, including the ability to set autoresponders. I am not familiar with an ability to change your internet services online, since these changes some months ago, when you could make limited changes.

The 'Log in to buy' unlimited data takes you effectively to the mobility site.

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