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vonage with two line corded home phone/ using bandwidth

i have vonage with two phone lines and or one for fax and other for business etc, if i get corded line that i guess wont effect the 2.4ghz i guess and whats the min internet speed would i need?, family of three, we all have smartphones and laptop, i have two phones, tab, 2 total smart tvs, xbox one, ruku, chromcast, canon laser printer with Ethernet, and soon to have for set top boxes and properly soon too arlo pro 6 HD cams and or 8TB WD MY cloud mirror external hdd......... what speeds would i need?! mom has the optial cable to the house but not into the house, she will maybe update in the bennign of june... when i give her $60 a month to do so.  properly to will be getting xbox Scorpio too in the Holidays this year.


Community Power User
Community Power User
Vonage uses a miniscule amount of bandwidth. Optik TV doesn't effect your overall bandwidth. So it's not part of the equation. Your internal network printer, external HDD does not matter. Only data from your HDD would be if accessing it from the cloud. (It should be networked at home to access without needing the cloud).

50 Mbps should be fine for what you need. Not everyone is streaming movies or accessing content the same way. If you're heavy into gaming, or stream a lot of 4K content (Netflix as and example) from multiple devices at the same time daily. Then highly consider 150/150 if available in your area.